BIDSHOP Platform


BIDSHOP – A Gamified Auction House for NFTs and DeFi built on Polygon Network.
BIDSHOP is the first fully privatized on -chain Auction House introducing new ways to generate liquidity for all web3 assets.
The combination of BIDSHOP's [Privacy-as-a-service] encryption layer on top of any EVM network, creates new and innovative possibilities to generate liquidity for any web3 asset.
Both crypto protocols & individuals can use BIDSHOP to quickly generate liquidity through a variety of auction products. Few examples:
  • ​Initial Bid Offering: The crown jewel of BIDSHOP innovation. Driven from the "Highest unique offer auction" mechanism, bidders compete to win either Non- Fungible or Fungible underlying assets while only paying small Bid Fees for each bid placed.
  • ​Silent NFT Auctions: Sell your non-floor NFTs at the highest price possible! Sellers choose a secret minimum price, and buyers compete in a closed auction. The result: The highest possible price for in-demand assets.
  • ​Fair NFT Mint Auction: Launch an NFT Mint at true market valuation while bootstrapping the future holders community. Allow future holders to determine the true fair mint value via a novel secret bidding mechanism. Incentivize bidders who bid as close as possible to the final mint price determined.
  • ​Fair Launch IDO Auction: Similar to the Fair NFT mint, Launch your fungible token at the fairest possible price while bootstrapping your future token holders community. This auction also helps fight pumped IDO's and provided anti-bot protection.
  • Debt Auction: Sell DeFi debt positions to anyone with competitive pricing on the IOUs.
  • Many other applications! Stay tuned ;)
The project is backed by top-tier crypto VCs like KuCoin Labs​ and Republic Capital.
Last modified 4mo ago