Volume rewards

Trading rewards are distributed every emission cycle (2 hour cycles).
Volume rewards are distributed based on your volume contribution to the platform within each emission cycle. Example: Total volume generated on BIDSHOP per cycle was: 100 wETH Your volume in that cycle: 5 wETH Cycle fixed emission: 277,000 $BIDS token Your total claimable amount at the end of the cycle: (5/100) * 277,000 $BIDS = 13,850 $BIDS tokens.
Daily fixed volume rewards are set in the table below. 12 cycles daily.

If are going to Bid, don't forget to boost!

Users can lock $BIDS tokens to receive a 2X “Volume Booster” for each bid they execute.
2x booster would give two times the volume reward for the same amount of volume generated.
Go to the Volume Booster to understand how locking $BIDS can boost your volume rewards.