Boosted APR

The Longer, The Better… And The More, The Merrier!

In the Boosting Pool, you earn veBIDS by locking your $BIDS. veBIDS is basically a nickname for voting escrow BIDS. The concept is the same as Curve’s veCRV. Locking any amount of $BIDS applies a boost APR to all LP staked in the LP pool, and APR will vary based on your position and the actions of other users.
The equation below is the veBIDS rewards calculation for locking $BIDS. The main gist is that the more $BIDS you lock, the more veBIDS you earn. Also, the longer you lock your $BIDS, the more veBIDS you get.
Note: t=# of days
The table below shows how much veBIDS you earn from locking 10,000 BIDS for 30 days to 4 years. Once again, the longer you lock, the more you earn.
For users who are not into locking for a long time, you can take advantage of the amount of BIDS deposited instead for maximizing veBIDS earnings. This table below shows BIDS locked for a year in varying amounts.


  • Lock more BIDS or lock it for longer to earn more veBIDS. It yields more $BIDS rewards and ETH rewards from the Boosting Pool.
  • Be aware of the linkage of the total deposits, total veBIDS supply, and the boosting weight.
  • To keep up with the reward rate, your strategy needs to grow your deposits and veBIDS amount accordingly to the aggregate deposits.