Volume Booster

Volume booster is a vital part of the BIDSHOP liquidity FlyWheel. Adding an additional layer of Incentivized bidding to the veTokenomics. How does it work? While locking your $BIDS to gain boosted APR, You are automatically receiving a 'Locking Score'. Your locking score is calculated as follows:
What does the locking score give you? As long as your Locking Score is above the platform average locking score, you will enable your 2x volume boost on all your bidding volume. This will double your volume rewards and open a new opportunity for arbitrage bidding.
Compare bidding volume:
Anti- whale locking score Locking score is heavily in favor of time locked verse amount locked to prevent whales from over taking completely the biding activity. The daily addition to the booster calculation increases as the selected period is longer:
To help understand, here’s what different Locked BIDS amounts for different locked periods will generate in booster score:
After locking $BIDS your new lock score will be updated in the following emission cycle